Wasted Wood Hawaii

reclaimed wood products where every piece has a story

Wood Lovers

We love our little rascals. 

We love our little rascals. 

Laurent & Pollyanna are a husband and wife team; both scientists, conservation advocates and world travelers. Laurent learned some woodworking from his Dad and the rest out of sheer necessity and curiosity. Things were needed around the house and local wood was available.  

Laurent started working on large projects building beautiful, organic shaped bars, tables and furniture several years ago. His interest and experience in wood working continues to grow.  With the addition of two sons (born just a minute apart) more creative projects kept popping up.

Laurent partners on some large scale projects (and shares a workshop) with Jen Homcy of FoundWood. They take pride in using reclaimed hardwoods that would otherwise be wasting away at the dump or getting chomped on by termites. 

Laurent mainly focuses on large furniture projects and his specialty are live edge bar tops , blue glass inlays and tables. His goal is to use a large slab of wood keeping it's integrity and natural beauty. He loves incorporating water features mimicking our environment into artistic, functional art. 

One day, after a long day at the shop, Laurent had a difficult time keeping his pants up... so he found a piece of discarded Milo and made himself a belt buckle.....  a seed was planted and soon Wasted Wood buckles were added to the list of creations.

Laurent designs, shapes and finishes all the furniture & buckles, while Pollyanna handles online media, photography and outreach. Of course, we are ever so grateful to many friends and family have helped along the way.

As part of our commitment to giving back to the environment, 5% of all sales are donated to local non-profit organizations involved in native forest restoration here on O`ahu.